What is EGT Sensor?

  There are many technical components available in automobiles. Each of these evenings has an irreplaceable importance in the vehicle as they take on a different task. One of these elements is the EGT Sensor, or Exhaust gas temperature sensor, which is used in both gasoline and diesel vehicles. This device is used to save fuel, reduce exhaust emission values, and prevent excessive increase in exhaust gas temperature, especially in vehicles. The sensor also plays an important role as it prevents overheating of engine components. The main reason for this is that, as vehicle engines become more powerful every year, the engine is exposed to higher temperatures and the engine must be protected from this temperature. These devices differ according to each vehicle and model. However, the components are very sensitive devices, with the ability to measure from -40 degrees to +1000 degrees. It is screwed into the exhaust line of vehicles. In vehicle inspections, attention is paid to ex